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Unknown Bug Bites

If you get bit by an unknown bug, wash the bite area with soap and water. If you notice a lot of swelling in the area of the bite, call your doctor
Their are many other causes of itching, irritation, and redness other than insects. Allergies, cosmetics, medications, and environmental contaminants all can cause symptoms similar to insect bites. If you and your doctor are unable to determine that bugs are causing the bite-like symptoms you are having, see a dermatologist.
One important thing to remember is that until the insect that is biting you is identified no spraying of insecticides should be done.
Many household items can cause prickling, sores that look like bite marks, and rash on arms, legs, ankle or your skin. Some of these items are soaps, detergents, cleansers, cosmetics, hair products, clothing, or insulation, with insulation being the big culprit.
Some Medical Conditions are often mistaken for bug bites. Some of these conditions are pregnancy,diabetes,liver and kidney problems. Food and medical prescriptions can also cause these symptoms. Even stress can cause skin irritations or grouse looking bites. Be sure and talk to your doctor or dermatologist before calling an exterminator,
Recently I was on what I thought was a flea spraying job where the customer complained of a prickly feeling and small sores and a rash on his skin. He swore it was fleas biting him, but had never seen one. While inspecting his home I noticed that all his furnace hot air ducts where wrapped in fiber glass insulation. Every time his furnace came on the air in his home would fill up with tiny insulation particles. The insulation was removed and his prickly rash disappeared and no treatment was required.


Some of the most common pests that may cause these unknown bites are fleas, spiders, bed bugs, lice, mites,chiggers, thrips, sand flies, with the most common being flea bites.

Fleas are a brownish color and about 1/8 inch long and usually can be seen especially if you are wearing white socks or pants, but are quite small. Small bites are normally found around the lower legs and ankles. They produce a small red hardened itchy welt. Fleas are usually found where pets, mice, raccoons, squirrels,possums are present

Bed Bugs are becoming very common and should always be suspects when it comes to unknown insect bites.Bedbugs usually bite at night and cause itchy red welts. If you think you might have bedbugs look for shed skins or small dark fecal spots of blood on your bed sheets. It is also possible you may have been exposed to bedbugs if you have been traveling or if you have been using used beds.
Be sure and cover your beds with mattress covers. 

Spider Bites---Often cause unknown bites but most spiders are harmless. They do not attack humans, but do bite at night when they are rolled on in bed. It can be very hard identifying a spider without having the actual spider because there are so many types of spiders (over 50,000 types). You can limit the amount of spiders in your home by placing SPIDERS TRAPS (sticky traps) in each room. 

Mites are very tiny insects and sometimes will bite humans and cause a skin irritation. Most mites can be seen and look like dark slow moving specs. Bird mites usually cause the most problems. Check the outside of your home for any old bird nests, if any are found remove and destroy them. Be sure and wear gloves. If you suspect that dust mites are causing a problem, remember that dust mites can not bite, but cause allergies in some people.

Flea On Hardwood Floor

One thing you can do that may help you identify the bug that is biting you is to place Flea Traps in the areas where you think the bugs are. Many insects are attracted to the heat and light of the trap and will get stuck to the traps sticky board.


Unknown bugs eating me alive

Dear getting rid of pests. I am about to loose my mind I have been baffled over a series of events this past year and a half. i met this guy back then and started dating him I noticed a strange debris that seemed to follow him around for instance when he awoke in the morn there always seemed to be what appeared to be dirt in different form black round things very small, tiny hair like lines et well it was real bad a t first as well as in his house i would clean it up but hours later it seemed to be back again he was also always itching his head in one area I tried every homemade remedy as well as over the counter products to no avail and noticed a hair loss more than normal. I once even had a owl looked at bye a doctor he said it was dead animal debris. Well, he thought I was nuts as well as i. But about 5 months later I noticed that I was getting these little brown mole but lighter circles here and there from that point on it has been one thing after the other to no avail. i got a microscope and looked at it and i saw a multiple strand of tiny bugs one looked like a fiber but it had several hook like legs down it others looked like nit colors black red then a tiny mosquito eating fly. something has changed causing the outbreak to look as if I have chiggers on my face but they look like pimples and rapid spread and on my arms there seem to get these dark pigment patches as well as some looking lifelong and short squiggly lines the tongue has raised looking taste buds and if you scrape it white round things come out of light brown pink i dipped in this heck illegal stuff and my arms hand et disbursed black and red round things and these line with a darker brown dot on the end and lower areas a white larva plus the fiber looking stuff. I look like a teenager in puberty or junkie with my arms this stuff will not go away and something has triggered a huge reaction. HHHEEELPP

Bug bite remedy.


Dear sir,,My family has just returned from a camping trip and they are loaded with what I think are mosquito bites. They took a repellent with them and used it 2 or 3 times a day. Do you have any suggestions on what we could use to prevent these bites,and is there any good home remedies.

RE: Bits on trip

One of the best home remedy that I know of is too Use Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets--just wipe on and go. The best repellents are the ones that contain deet (be sure not to use on babies). Thanks for your question

Do I have fleas
Yesterday I went to the doctor because since Sunday I gotten bit everyday
between three and 10 tens by something.  The doctor thought they were spiderbites and sent me away with steroid cream for the itching.  Well, that doesnothing for the continued bites I get morning. I have the bites on my calves, under my bra line, at my waist in
both the front and the back.  Does this sound like spiders to you?  I don't
think so.  It sounds like fleas to most people I have told.  The bumps are
red, generally not too big and itchy and the are often in groups of three to
four together.  They seem to have one puncture mark.
My landlord has suggested setting off a bug bomb, but I don't like using
harmful chemicals in my home.  My husband has not been effected by whatever it is that is attacking me.Any suggestions you can offer will be so appreciated. I feel so helpless.

Hi. Its really hard to tell whats biting you without doing an inspection.Could
be spiders,bedbugs, mites, fleas, or it might even be allergys. Flea bites are usually found around the
ankles in homes that have pets or have had pets in their home at sometime
within the past year. It would be a good idea to place an insect monitor
(flea trap) in your bedroom.