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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your House

REMOVING A SQUIRREL FROM YOUR HOME - If a squirrel becomes trapped in the living areas of your house, don't panic, it's probably just as scared as you are. The best way to get it out of is to open the doors and windows and calmly coax it towards the door using a broom. It will eventually leave. Do not attempt to pick it up even if you are wearing gloves. Their bite is hard.

heavy duty wire screen.jpg
Wire screen can be used to seal them out

Sealing Them Out And Trapping
To eliminate squirrels that are living in your attic, crawlspace, or walls follow these steps:
1. Locate hole or holes that the squirrels are entering. Check eaves, overhangs, around chimneys,etc. Gray and red squirrels usually enter around the higher areas of your house.
2. Be sure squirrels are outside before sealing up hole or holes. You can do this by making loud noise such as pounding on walls, loud music (heavy metal works best), flashing lights, stomping on attic floor, etc.
3. Seal hole with wood or heavy duty wire screen. If you were unable to scare or chase it out and you believe the it may still be in your house, staple the wire screen on the top and both sides but not at the bottom.  Make sure the the screen hangs about 10 inches below the squirrel hole. This should give the squirrel enough room to squeeze out but make it difficult to get back in through the hole. (see picture on right).
4. Sprinkle repellent in areas where squirrels were entering and most activity was taking place.
5. Squirrels can be persistent and may chew through again and again especially if they have had babies in your house. If you suspect this is the case the babies must also be carefully removed. If a squirrel has taken up residence in your home, attic, walls, basement or garage the only logical way to get rid of it is with a live trap. They can make quite a mess and perhaps cause serious damage. Squirrels will clean their teeth by sometimes chewing on your electrical wires. This can cause the wires to short out and may become a fire hazard.Trapping them with a live trap may be necessary. Place the trap on a level surface and position it against a wall of a building or in a path commonly traveled. Peanut butter works good for bait. Be sure and check live traps everyday.
6. Be sure all trees are trimmed back at least 7 or 8 feet from your home.
7. Talk to your utility company about placing squirrel baffles or other deterrents on wires leading to your roof.
8. Never kill or injure a squirrel. 
 In many states they are protected by law. Sealing them out, trapping, or repellents will usually deter them.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Squirrels 
1. To prevent them from climbing trees or poles to get on your roof and into your attic, place strip of metal banding (such as tin) around the base of the tree or pole and go up to a height of 3 or 4 feet (see diagram below). Also trees and poles can be sprayed with wd 40 or coated with vegetable oil which will make it difficult for climbing.
2. To chase squirrels out of your attic, try running a strobe light or play load music to frighten them off. This may only be a temporary solution.

3. To remove a squirrel trapped in your chimney, stick a hose or long pole down to the chimneys bottom. Secure it to the top with duct tape or a bungee cord. By days end the squirrel usually will have climbed out. Cover the chimney with wire screen or a cap.
A Squirrel Tree Guard Will Keep Them Out Of The Tree And Off Your Roof.


Wire Guards
Squirrels use electric wires as roadways to your roof.  A squirrel guard of baffle may be needed on your wires. Talk to your electric company about putting one up. Do not try to do this yourself.  



What do I do if I am bitten by a squirrel?
1. Wash the wound and the immediate area with plenty of soap and water.
2. Contact your Doctor or local hospital emergency room, a tetnis shot may be needed.

DON'T PANIC IF YOU HAVE BEEN BITTEN --- There has never been a known case of rabies in the united states caused by squirrels.
Woodchucks and groundhogs are the only rodents that could expose you to rabies

Mice, rats, moles, chipmonks, and rabbits also are not known to carry rabies.

In certain situations repellents such as Havahart repellent which contains capsaicin and is the ingredient that makes chille peppers hot or Shake Away repellent which contains fox urine work quite well. Moth balls work well in repelling some critters but in my opinion are useless against squirrels. Electronic repellers are also useless. 
Information On This Page Was Provided By A Wildlife Specialist

Squirrel Problems and Solutions

I Have squirrels In The Roof of My House.
How do i go about getting them out of there? My husband tried putting moth balls in the hole where they are getting in to get rid of them but they are still there. Will moth balls deter squirrels. My husband only put a few there. We have to take care of this ourselves and we don't have alot of money to spend. What can we do. We don't know how many are there. It sounds like alot. Please help us. We ran out of things to do.
It sounds like you will probably have to seal them out if its possible. After you're sure they are out seal the areas where they are entering with wire mesh or screen. Make sure trees are trimmed away from house if thats how they are getting on your roof, and spray wd 40 on places where they may be climbing onto the roof. Repellents may help keep them away after they have been sealed out, but mothballs do not usually help. Live traps such as havahart traps work quite well but may take some time if you have more than one squirrel. One home I recently trapped had more than ten of them. The best way to keep them out sealing and trapping.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

I'm Getting Squirrels In My Attic.
They are making so much noise at night my 7 year old son is afraid they will come down when he is sleeping and attack him.  What kind of a system do you recommend to get rid of them? They have made a hole just under the roof where they enter the attic. Also, if you suggest traps, what do you do with the squirrels after they have been caught? Is there effective repellents available. Please let me know what to do. 

Live traps work the best for getting rid of squirrels. I would recommend a havahart double door squirrel trap. Use peanut butter for bait. Be sure and take the squirrels about 10 miles away from your home when you release them, so they don't find their way back. Also be sure and seal up the entrance hole in the bottom of your roof. Putting Repellents and repellers in your attic may help to prevent a re-infestation.

How to get a squirrel out of my chimney
For the past four or five nights I have been awaken by a scratching noise in my chimney. I'm pretty sure it's a squirrel. The problem is, we have seen the culprit sitting on the top of the chimney while the scratching noise was occurring down in the chimney.  Could its mate be stuck and can't get out. What can we do to keep squirrels out of the chimney.
My Reply:  Many times a fermale squirrel will climb down a chimney to give birth to her babies. She probably feels it's a safe place to have them away from a predators reach. You should really get help from a professional or someone that can help you remove them from the chimney. A pro will use a device that allows the squirrel to climb out such as ropes or poles. To keep squirrels out, wire screen should be placed over the top of the chimney and secured with a piece of wire or bungee cord.

Squirrels Chewed Through Our Bedroom Wall
About a month ago my husband and I were getting ready for bed when we started hearing a chewing noise in our bedroom wall. We started banging on the wall in hopes of scaring away what we thought was probably a little mouse. After about 30 minutes of chewing, the plaster began cracking apart and out through the hole popped a large grey squirrel and its baby. They immediately ran under the bed to hide. When my husband saw the squirrels run across the floor he ran into the attached bathroom, locked the door, and began screaming to get them out NOW. I then calmly opened all the bedroom windows and spread the drapes apart so they would be able to get back outside. After about 10 minutes the big squirrel leaped out the window but the baby just laid on the floor looking for its mother. I quietly walked out of the room and went out to the garage and got our snow shovel and a kitchen broom. Mean-while my girly -man husband was still in the bathroom whimpering. I carefully took the broom and gently pushed the baby squirrel onto the snow shovel and dumped it out the window. It then joined its mother up in the oak tree that we have in our side yard. I waited a couple hours before I told my brave husband that the squirrels were gone. What surprised me most was how quickly the squirrels had chewed through the wall. The wild-life specialist that came to seal up the squirrel holes in our over-hangs said they must have gotten trapped in the wall and chewing through was the only way out.

Ground Squirrels
I live in a rural area in Colorado, and am plagued with ground squirrels. I've got 5 dogs. I've tried everything to eliminate these buggers short of paying to have a rodenator come out and blow the ground up. Do you have any suggestions? I resorted to poison last year, which was effective, but had to worry about my dogs getting into them. I LOVE your site by the way! Very informative. Thanks! 

Have you tried a repellent. I have used Shake away animal repellent to keep squirrels and other small critters away. Seems to work about 75% of the time. It contains predator urine. Scares the critters away and is not toxic to your pets. Many hardware stores sell it for around $15 - $20 a can. You can also purchase it online. Good luck

Why I stopped fighting to keep squirrels away from my property
Instead of fighting with the squirrels to keep them out of my bird feeders, I started to feed them too! They can be a pleasure to watch and you can get the satisfaction of knowing you have made it easier for them to make it through the winter when their food supply is scarce. The neighborhood kids now call me the squirrel lady.

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