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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish


To keep silverfish and firebrats away, keep basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, especially shower stalls, clean and dry. Plug or putty holes or spaces around pipes. Repair leaks and drips in plumbing. Clean out closets periodically. Collections of magazines, papers, and books provide food for silverfish them. Occasionally, move books around in a bookcase. Keep foods in containers with tight lids.

There are several kinds of commercially available products that control silverfish or firebrats: household sprays containing various pyrethroids (such as bifenthrin, tetramethrin, phenothrin), dusts, boric acid powder, and foggers are labeled for control of these insects.

Rid your home of silverfish with Dekko Silverfish Paks 3 boxes

Picture of Silverfish

Silverfish are small, soft insects without wings. The abdomen of a silverfish has three filaments extending from it.Silverfish are not often seen by homeowners because they are a nocturnal bug and can run very swiftly. Occasionally, silverfish are found in bathtubs. Silverfish crawl in seeking food or moisture and can't climb out. Silverfish  prefer vegetable matter with a high carbohydrate and protein content. However, indoors silverfish will feed on almost anything. A partial list fo food of this bug includes dried beef, flour, starch, paper, gum, glue, cotton, linen, rayon, silk, sugar, molds and breakfast cereals.

Silverfish and firebrats--Both silverfish and firebrats belong to the same insect order, Thysanura. They are also typically placed in the same insect family. Depending on whom you consult, there may be as many as eight to 10 different species of silverfish in North America and only one species of firebrat. Beyond that there are both insect similarities and differences in their appearance and behavior.

At first glance, both silverfish and firebrats appear as a similar bug. On closer inspection, firebrats tend to have longer antennae that often extend past the tip of the abdomen. Also, firebrats tend to be a mottled gray color with patches of dark gray and lighter silver over the dorsal surface of the body. Silverfish tend to be uniformly gray or silver in color, although there is at least one silverfish species with dark lines extending down the length of its back.

Silverfish Question
How do you kill silver fish? Where do they come from? We had a ceiling to fall in due to an ice storm and every since then we have been having problems with silver fish. What would work to keep them out of my closet. Thanks.

Silver fish usually come from damp and moist areas such as a basement or your outside foundation. They may have come from your ceiling when it fell in.You can kill them using silverfish pacs.