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How To Get Rid Of German Roaches

1. Cleanliness is the best way to get rid of roaches. Mop kitchen and bathroom floors weekly with bleach and lysol, roaches hate lysol. Be sure and clean out kitchen cupboards and wipe clean. Sweep and vacuum all floors daily. Be sure and clean under stove, fridge. Microwave and all appliances should be wiped clean. Do not store large amounts of paper, plastic bags, or soda cans.

2. Roach bait should be placed out once you have done a thorough cleaning job. A good professional roach bait should be used if possible.  My bait of choice is Maxforce Magnum Roach Gel. When a roach is done feeding on this bait it will return to its nesting area and leave a scent trail which will lead other roaches back to the bait. The scent of MaxForce Magnum is much stronger than other baits therefore works faster. The complete house should be treated with your main focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Bait should be placed near edges of kitchen counters, in cupboards, around kitchen and bathroom sink, stove and fridge areas.
I was recently asked to treat a local bar and grill for roaches. The owner went on to say that they had another exterminator come in 12 times and spray with insecticides. He had not put a dent in the roach population. I made an appointment and treated with 2 tubes of Maxforce magnum roach bait. Three weeks later they called me to say that I was their hero. No more roaches. MaxForce Magnum had saved their business. Needless to say drinks and food are now on the house for me.

3. Boric acid or Diatomaceous Earth should also be part of your arsenal of weapons but should be put out of reach of pets and children. Boric acid or DE powder should be placed on top of cupboards, above drop panel ceilings, under refrigerator and stove.  Don't place bait or boric acid where it may come in contact with foods. Don't spray microwaves, refrigerator, stereo, or other electric appliances with liquid insecticides. Roach baits can be placed on or near them. Treatments should be repeated every 4 to 5 weeks. Follow all insecticide labels carefully.

Maxforce Magnum Roach Bait

Baiting For Roaches

How To Identify A German Cockroach
1. Black bands behind head
2. Fast moving
3. Usually seen after dark
4. Usually seen in kitchen and bathroom
5. Multiplies more quickly than other types of cockroaches
6. Can't fly but has wings
7. Hairs on legs

You can identify a german cockroach by the two black bands behind the head.

Notice the hairs on this german roach leg.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Roaches

Unfortunately getting rid of German roaches can't be done overnight. 
In most cases a light infestation can be eradicated in 4 to 5 weeks with one treatment if the right product is used.
A moderate infestation may take 2 months or longer with two or more treatments.
A heavy infestation might require 3 or more treatments and can sometimes take three months to get rid of.
These time-lengths may vary depending on the product you use to treat them

Why They Multiply So Quickly
German cockroach eggs can contain up to 40 babies. Once the females are 3 months old they can begin to reproduce. They only have to mate once to produce egg capsules for life. Egg capsule wont hatch out if they have become detached from their mother.

Yes cockroaches do tend to bite humans who live in unsanitary conditions and may have food residue on their skin.

Pile of German roach droppings and egg casings on floor

Information on this webpage has been provided by a certified pesticide applicator

Roach Questions and Comments

Will cockroaches travel Outside
My neighbors house is loaded with cockroaches. I am very worried that they will travel the very short distance across the lawn and infest my house. I talked to her about it and she said not to worry because cockroaches won't go outside.
What should I do?

Answer: Your neighbor is wrong. If she has a heavy infestation of roaches their food supply may be getting low. Some will eventually leave to look for a home where the food is more plentiful. I have treated complete neighborhoods where this has happened.
You should contact an exterminator and talk to him about having a barrier treatment sprayed around your home and other methods of prevention to keep them out.

Roaches In Microwave. 

I think I may have a wood roaches or some kind of roach living in my microwave. Would I be better off just purchasing a new one? Or do you have any suggestions on how I can kill them if they are living in the back of my microwave.
Thanks for your help.

Answer: Sounds like you probably have german cockroaches. It is very common to find them nesting in microwaves. They multiply in a hurry. I would suggest getting rid of the microwave if its old or using a good roach bait in areas around the microwave.

What is best to use for german roaches
Dear I read on another web site that sprays should be used to get rid of a heavy infestions of roaches such as the one I have in my house. I have been using different sprays and bombs for over a year now and still have tons of roaches. On your page you recommend using baits and boric acid type dusts. Could you recommend what type of dust and what would be the best bait to use. Please Help.

Answer: Most professionals rely on baits to eliminate roaches. My favorite was Maxforce Magnum FC and can be purchased online. Make sure its legal for homeowner use in your state. A Boric acid dust or diatomaceous earth can also be used in combination with bait and can be found in most hardware or tractor supply stores . Be sure not to place the dust on or close to the bait that you are using. German cockroaches multiply in a hurry so it may a while before the roaches are all dead. Be sure to keep your home as clean as possible.

White Cockroach
I recently bombed my kitchen for a infestation of german roaches. When I returned home I saw what looked to be a white cockroach on my stove. Could this have been an albino roach.

Answer: No, it wasn't an albino. There is short stage of a roaches  development where they become white. It's very rare to see them in this stage because they stay in hiding. The bomb must have chased it out into the open.

Paper Products
hello.. i was looking up roach bites but found this instead..that maxforce stuff sounds great,,i was wondering if it made a difference if we kept large amounts of paper in large plastic bins? 

German Roaches love to nest in paper and paper products. As long as the paper is being stored in bins that prevent entry there should be no problem.