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Indian Meal Moth And Larvae picture


If you are seeing small insect larvae climbing your walls, ceilings, and cupboards or tiny moths flying around your kitchen you may have Indian Meal Moth's, or Mediterranean Flour Bugs, which are the most common types of pantry bugs.

1.The first thing you must do to get rid of them is to eliminate the source. If you can not find the food product where they are coming from an exterminator should probably be called. Carefully check all grain and flour products in your cupboards, especially the products you may have been storing for a long time. Look for moth larvae. They look like small fly maggots or worms and are light brown or white in color. You can see a picture of a meal moth larvae above. I have found them in stored bird seed, bisquick, baby cereal, rice and many other foods. After finding the source food product throw in the garbage and remove from your house.

2.The next thing you should do is vacuum all cracks and crevices in your cupboards and on your kitchen counters.

3.Finally, place Pantry Pest Traps in the areas you are seeing them. They can be bought online or locally in farm and garden stores. The traps should catch all the remaining moths within a weeks time. A bug bomb can be used to eliminate the remaining moths but traps will make much less of a mess.
To prevent a re-infestation do not buy bulk grain and flour products unless absolutely necessary (including birdseed) and do not store food for long periods of time. Store these types of foods in air tight plastic or metal containers.

Indian Meal Moths

Hello, I have an infestation of these pests and have bought the sticky trap plus
some spray for the cracks and crevices.  The store that I purchased these at
told me I would need to throw away EVERYTHING including stuff that hasn't even
opened yet.  Is this REALLY necessary?  I've been going through everything
in my cabinets to see if I see any of these moths and when I see any 
immediately throw the stuff out, but the salesguy told me that they can be in my food and not visible to the eye. Is that true.

Answer: Yes they are visible to the human eye.Be sure to look for the larvae. If you cant find which product the meal moths are hatching out of your only
option would be to throw everything out. Be sure and check the cupboards in
the areas where you are seeing most of the
moths.Cereal,flour, bisquick, rice, and also birdseed are products that they
might be found in. I was on a meal moth job last week where I found larvae 
hatching out of the baby cereal. The larvae can usually be seen in the food 
product they are hatching out of. 

Moths In My Birdseed
What can I use to kill moths that are flying around the house?  I have birds and I think I got them from the bird food.  I get them in the spring and sometimes in the fall.  I want to get rid of them completely.  I have had flowers with water and when I throw out the water there are moths in it.  So is there anything I can put out that would attract them and they would die. A friend of mine said she read somewhere that there is something you put out and it would kill them.  Some kind of herb.  she could not remember where she read that.  thank you for your help
Moths in bird food
Be sure and get rid of the bird seed . Do not buy bird seed in large quantities or bulk and store for long periods of time. Go to your local town and country farm store and buy five or six pantry moth traps and place around your house where activity is worst.  This should get rid of them in about a weeks time.