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Non-Toxic Pest Control With Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth is a safe and non toxic product with many uses. While diatomaceous earth is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment, it is death to insects. Non toxic diatomaceous earth is loaded with razor sharp trace minerals which cut through an insects waxy shell killing it. It has also proved to be a great animal food supplement product and is used by dog owners as a food mixture used the kill parasites in their digestive tract. You should talk to your vet first before feeding DE to pets.

   Whether you desire to kill roaches, fleas on a pet, fleas in the carpet, use as an ant killer, or just about any insect pest, organic diatomaceous earth will do the job without polluting your atmosphere with chemical poisons. In many cases It is the best way and the safest way to treat your insect problem. If you are planning to use diatomaceous earth, be sure and use the food grade type. Only a light coating should be used in areas where you are seeing insects.

 I have always referred to diatomaceous earth as the exterminators secret because of its ability to get rid of all crawling insects without harming humans and pets. Most professionals keep DE on hand to kill many of the pests they treat.

An all natural organic pest control solution. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is an abrasive powder made from mineral remains of single cell aquatic plants. Kills by abrading and dehydrating crawling insects like slugs, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, grasshoppers, fleas and more.

Diatomaceous Earth

 Here is a list of some of the insects you can kill using diatomaceous earth.


ants, bag worms, bed bugs, box elder bugs, carpet beetles, 

caterpillars, centipedes, cockroaches, colorado potato beetles, 

crickets, earwigs, fleas, house flies, millipedes, mites, scorpions, silver fish, slugs, snails, spiders, termites, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets, and more.


aphids, 12-spotted cucumber beetles, armyworms, beet webworms,

blister beetles, cabbage looper, cabbageworms, caterpillars,

celery leaftiers, colorado potato beetle, corn earworm,

cucumber beetles, diamondback moth larvae, european corn borer,

flea beetles, garden fleahoppers, harlequin bugs,

imported cabbage worms, japanese beetles, leafhoppers, leaf miners,

leaftier, loopers, lygus bugs, mexican bean beetles, mites,

oblique-banded leafrollers, plant bugs ,stink bugs, squash vine borers, thrips, vegetable weevils, webworms, white flies


aphids, armyworms, caterpillars, chinch bugs, flea beetles,

fleahoppers, flies, fruit flies, japanese beetles, leafhoppers,

leaf miners, leafrollers, loopers, lygus bugs, mealy bugs, mites,

plant bug thrips, white flies.

Will Diatomaceous Earth Get Rid of Mice?
DE will not kill or repel pests such as mice, rats, bats, squirrels, or any types of large critters.
How To Make A Homemade Pesticide Duster
Get a regular size water or soda bottle. Make sure the inside is completely dry. Fill it half way up with diatomaceous earth, boric acid, or you favorite pesticide dust. Drill four or five small holes in the bottle cap. Put it tightly back on the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down, shake and squeeze. For a more stream-line spray only drill one hole in the bottle cap.


Diatomaceous Earth Grades

Organic diatomaceous Earth comes in at least two grades: Horticultural Grade and Food Grade. It's important to use only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Question: I am confused about "grades" of Diatomaceous Earth.  It is all mined from the same area and appears to be the same stuff, regardless of label and instructions.  Can you clear this up for me.
There are two types of DE, food grade diatomaceous earth and also the kind that is used in swimming pools. DE to be used for swimming pool filtering has been subjected to a heat treatment that dramatically increases it's crystalline silicate content and makes it unsuitable for use as an insect killer. The diatomaceous earth that is needed for use in food storage or as a non toxic substance to kill crawling insects has not been heat treated and has a crystalline silica content of no more than 1-1.5%.  

DE and Animals
Will DE hurt animals (cats and dogs). We have an infestation of ants and I told my husband to use nothing that is toxic. He said DE will not be harnful to our kittens.

DE will not hurt animals, in fact many people mix it with their pets food do get rid of worms.

Piss ant Removal
I am pregnant and my lawn is over run with piss ants is there a safe way for me to get rid of them? A homemade ant bait would be great.

thanks for your email. The best product you could use to get rid of piss ants in your yard would be non toxic diatomaceous earth powder. Just spread it around the areas in your yard where you are seeing the ants and then rake it in.It usually costs less than 10.00 and will kill any insect that comes in contact with it but is safe to use around people and pets.