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Getting Rid of Ground Moles

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Getting Rid Of Ground Moles

Remedy To Get Rid Of Ground Moles - Sprinkle laundry soap powder in the areas of your lawn you are seeing the moles and their damage. Soak area with water. You may want to test a small area of your yard first to make sure the soap powder does not harm your grass.

Mole Control
The three most popular methods used by exterminators and home-owners to get rid of ground moles are:
1. Repellents such as Scoot Mole Repellent With Castor Oil will not kill or harm them and have shown to be very effective for controlling moles. Repellents should be your first choice.

2. Poisons-- One difficulty associated with toxicants or poison is to get a mole to accept the bait. They also present a danger to other critters. Many brands of mole bait have shown to work well. These baits can be found locally at most farm, country, gardening, and hardware stores.

3. Control With Traps--Lethal traps are usually of three types: harpoon, scissor-jawed, and a choker device. Any of these will get rid of them if set properly but can be a very inhumane type of extermination. To find out which tunnels are being used, first flatten them by stepping on them or by using a lawn roller. This will allow you to tell which tunnels in your lawn are being used by moles, as new ones will appear the next day. Lethal control efforts are usually a effective way to kill them but mole traps can be expensive. Only use traps as a last resort.
Mole Information

Around the home, damage from a mole consists mainly of tunnels in yards, gardens, and flower beds. These tunnels form ridges in the soil as the moles search for food. Many people are surprised to learn that  moles are not rodents they are actually insect eaters related to shrews. This publication is designed to provide information on the characteristics of a mole, as well as ways to get rid of moles


What does a mole look like. They are  6 to 7 inches long and weigh 3 to 4 ounces. Moles are well adapted for their tunneling lifestyle, with pointed noses that protrude about inch beyond their mouth, small eyes and ear openings, and large front feet. The feet are webbed and have sharp claws to aid in digging.


They have big appetites and will eat more than their body weight in a single day. Moles will eat grubs, earthworms, beetles, and larvae from your lawn.

Moles will live alone, although females , adults and young may share the same burrow. The tunnels that the they make in the ground while searching for food may be used only once or may be traveled repeatedly. A mole may be active in your yard or garden during any time of the day and seem to prefer cool, moist soil (the same as that preferred by grubs and earthworms).

Contrary to popular belief,  they do not eat the  bulbs of flowers and vegetables. In fact, they may benefit these plants by feeding on grubs and worms that can damage them. However, the tunneling activities of a mole may disfigure lawns and gardens. Since the damage is usually isolated and of little economic consequence, localized control techniques are more practical to stop them than a wholesale eradication program.

mole hill.jpg
picture of a mole hill


Ground Mole Questions
Dear Sirs,
We have a lot of mole hill or tunnels. How do you tell which one is active to get rid of moles. Which is the best treatment if you have a lot of tunnels.

SUBJECT: Re: Getting rid of moles
Hi, Thanks for your email
If you rake over all the mole hills and holes with a garden rake, or plug their holes with dirt, the ones that are built back up or unplugged over the next few days are the active areas. Probably the best repellent to use that will cover a large area is the type you apply with a garden hose.