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How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs

1.The most effective way to prevent a ladybug infestation is to seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home before they wander in during early fall.

2. When ladybugs are seen on the exterior of your house in the fall (attempting to hibernate into the warmth of your home) it is recommended that you spray a good residual insecticide such as EcoPCO WPX wettable powder insecticide. around doors, windows, foundation, and any cracks and crevices they may use to enter.

3. If some have already entered into your house you can use a BUG VACUUM or a LADYBUG TRAP to get rid of them. Using an insect bomb in the attic, crawlspace, basement, and living areas of your home may provide some relief.

Why are ladybugs invading my house

Like winter room-mates, the lady bug, and the box elder bug will enter into buildings and homes from Sept. thru Nov. and will find voids in the cracks and crevices of your walls, attic, and basement in which to hide over the winter months. They release a pheromone when they find a good spot that then attracts more of them to cluster there as a group. These areas are usually on the south and or west walls, which are usually the sunny side of your home. Before you know it you have a serious infestation. Occasionally, on a sunny day during the winter months, they will become active and try to exit their sites outdoors, only to end up indoors by mistake.

Asian Lady Beetle Picture

Why are there so many ladybugs?
The reason for the very high population of ladybugs (Asian lady beetles) is most likely because of their ability to adapt so easily to the cold climate which much of the United States has. The American ladybug over-winters outside in the cold under the cover of trees, plants,mulch,etc. Their survival rate was not good. The Asian lady beetle spends their winter in the warmth of our homes, in the cracks and crevices of our walls, Thus a high winter survival rate. The asian lady beetle is a relatively new species imported to the United States from eastern Asia and first seen in the united states in the early 90's. 

Important Ladybug Facts

1. Always be careful not to crush a one, they can leave hard to clean stains. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove them from you house.

2. A recent study has determined that large congregations of asian lady beetles can cause allergic reactions in humans.

Many farmers and gardeners will buy live lady beetles which will feed on insects that are harmful to their crops such as sweet corn, tomatoes, tobacco, and many other types of plants and vegetables. Aphids are their favorite snack.

4. Ladybug spots are made up of proteins so that enzyme laundry products such as Biz Bleach, Axion are usually effective in removing them. Always test a small area on your siding or walls first to make sure it does not stain.

5. Do ladybugs bite? The answer is no, but they can pinch with their front legs or mandables which can feel very much like a bite.

Ladybug Problems
I was bitten or pinched by a lady beettle while visiting my father's grave site recently. It occurred while we were engaged in a group prayer, which I led. Although I felt this discomfort I endured it and as soon as I opened my eyes at the end to the prayer I killed the bug. It has been approximately 4 days since this incident and there is still some swelling on the location - just below the biceps. Are there any known dangers/diseases associated with bites from lady beetles? 

There is no known health risk due to a lady beetle pinch,,,

LadyBug Spots  What can I use to easily clean or remove ladybug, spider, and fly spots off the siding of my home. It is loaded.

Insect spots include proteins so that enzyme laundry products such as Biz Bleach, Axion are usually effective in removing them. For stubborn spots on the Vinyl Siding you may need to use lacquer thinner. This will actually remove a little of the vinyl and is not something you would want to use to wash the entire structure

Bugs  Breeding In House
Help, my house is a breeding ground for bugs this winter.
My house over the past few years seems to have become a breeding ground
for lady bugs.  The house was constructed in 96-97 and not moved into until 99 the past few years
it has gotten worse. I live in a rural area on the Illinois Wisconsin
border. What can you suggest to help me

My house is a breeding ground for bugs
Once these bugs have hibernated into the walls and cracks and crevice of
your house for the winter, they can be very difficult to get rid of. The
good news is that the warm spring weather will soon be here and most of
these insects will head back outside. These bugs will not breed in your house.
Spraying the outside surface
and cracks and crevices of your home next fall when these bugs start
appearing on the siding of your house should be done. The residual of the spray will
prevent most of them from entering.

Lady Bugs Under Siding 
We are in the process of having our house sided but are having a problem with lady bugs. The old siding had a few lady bugs clustering on the sunny side of the house, but they left when the workers started removing the siding. Underneath the old siding are thousands of lady bugs and they don't seem to want to leave. The contractor said he would call an exterminator and have them exterminated but I really don't want them killed. I asked them to stop working until I figure out how to get rid of them. I don't want them killed and I don't want the new siding put up on top of them. Just hoping you might have some ideas. 
Answer to Lady Bugs Under Siding. 
The best solution and probably the only solution to your lady bug problem would be to vacuum them off with a shop vac, and then to release them on a farm or in a woods. Vacuuming them with a shop vac should not hurt them although it may take plenty of time.

Dead Ladybugs
A few years ago I got a call from a woman who said her house was under attack by ladybugs with thousands of them on her siding.  I made an appointment with her to come and spray them the next afternoon. The following morning she called and said that there was no need to come because they had all died due to the cold temperatures we had during the night. She said there were piles of dead ladybugs on the ground outside her house and that she was sure they were dead because they were not moving and were lying on their backs, so she canceled the spraying. Later that afternoon she called back and said they must had risen from the dead because the piles of dead ones are gone and her house was now full of ladybugs. What had happened was that the cold weather that night had put them into a dormant stage which mad them appear dead-like and the warm sunlight the following afternoon revived them to their active stage. Needless to say, we made another spraying appointment which took care of them.