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Earwigs, Pincher Bugs

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1. The following preventative measures help control earwigs (pincher bug). Eliminate any accumulations of moisture, Also, eliminate damp conditions in crawl spaces under homes, around outside faucets, air conditioning units and other places. Reduce lawn and flower bed watering wherever possible. Remove or alter places that attract earwigs such as flower gardens and sheltered areas under trash and compost or wood piles. Keep grass and weeds cut short around structural foundations. Also reduce outside lights at night, since these tend to attract ear wigs.

2. Spreading non toxic diatomaceous earth powder in areas outside your home and inside your basement will help to keep pincher bugs (earwigs) under control. DE will kill any insect that crawls through it but it is harmless to people and pets.

3. Earwigs gain access indoors through very small cracks and crevices. Use caulking and weather stripping around doors, windows, pipes and other places to exclude them. Earwigs generally enter the home at the ground level, so pay particular attention to low areas.

Home remedy to get rid of earwigs.
To trap earwigs or pincher bugs take rolls of damp newspaper and place them in your garden, basement, around your house foundation, garage, or anyplace and leave for 24 hours.
They are attracted to the newspaper and will take cover inside the rolls. Discard newspapers in plastic bag and place in garbage.
Scented sticky boards can also be placed out to trap them.

More About The Earwig

Approximately 1,100 worldwide species of earwigs (pincher bugs) have been described, but only 22 species of earwigs )are known to exist in the United States. Fortunately, only a few species of them are household pests.

It has been thought by many homeowners that earwigs crawl into your ears while you are sleeping and lay their eggs. This is just a myth.

 IDENTIFICATION. What do they look like. Earwigs are brownish to black in color, narrow bodied, elongate and somewhat flattened insects, 1/4 inch to 1 inch in length (as seen in above picture). Earwigs which are sometimes refered to as pincher bugs have chewing mouthparts, and the tarsus of each leg has three segments. The antennae of the adults earwigs have 10 segments. The nymphs have fewer antennal segments, with additional segments being added at each molt. Adults  (pincher bug's) may be winged or winged or wingless. When wings are present they barely extend onto the abdomen and resemble the wings of the rove beetle.

The presence of forcep-like cerci which look like pinchers is the key character distinguishing earwigs from other groups of insects. The cerci are used by the earwig (pincher bug) as both defensive and offensive weapons, and occasionally are used to capture prey. Additionally, the morphology of the cerci is quite variable and may be used as an aid in distinguishing between species as well as sexes. The cerci of females are much straighter when compared to the strongly curved cerci of the male.

Earwig Maternal Care

Female earwigs (pincher bugs) dig a burrow or earthen cell into which they deposit approximately 20 to 60 eggs. Once this is complete, the earwig gathers the eggs and organizes them into a pile. The female earwig tends to the eggs and guards the "nest" from all intruders, including her mate.


Questions About Earwigs
I am an organic gardener...and i can't seem to get rid of pincher bugs in my the product you mentioned really safe to use around vegetables? The bugs especially like my lettuce plants. They dig into the dirt in the garden and lay eggs in the plants - always in the lettuce but other places as well. I want to get rid of my biggest concern organic is it? Thanks for your help.

SUBJECT: Re: pincher bug problem
Non toxic Diatomaceous earth powder is completely safe to use in your garden on plants and vegetables to stop earwigs. You can lightly dust the leaves and stems of plants and also make a barrier on the ground around the plants.Here is a home remedy you might want to try.

If (pincher bugs) earwigs are a menace, vegetable oil can come to your rescue. Several cat food-sized cans, filled halfway with vegetable oil, clobbers them. Set the cans where the varmints tend to be; those pesky critters crawl in the cans but don't get out.

Do pincher bugs really pinch?

Yes, they can give you a small pinch with their pincher's but it does not hurt.