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Do Pest Repellers Really Work


Do Pest Repellers Really Work

Whether or not they really work depends on who you talk to. Ultrasonic pest repellers are quite popular. The manufacturers claim that their devices produce ultrasonic noise so aversive to pests (including rats) that it drives the pests away (so they say). These devices are appealing to consumers because they are silent to human ears and don't involve traps or poison. As an exterminator I have sprayed homes for box elder bugs, ladybugs, asian lady beetles, cockroaches and wood roaches in which the home owner had first tried using pest repellers with no results what so ever. I believe they are useless. Before considering using an electronic or ultrasonic repeller  read the reviews carefully and search for scientific testing that has proven they are a viable solution to solve your pest control problems.

PRO - Repellers  will keep bats away
Dear sir, Five years ago I moved into an area that is very prevelant to bats due to the large bat caves on the edge of town, The first thing I did was to place two of your bat repellers in my attic. After 5 years of living their my atic is bat-free,I am not sure if the repellers are keeping the bats out, or if its just good luck. My neighbors have bats in there crawl-space and have tried bat repellers but they did not seem to help much.Anyway, I believe the repellers seem to be keeping the bats out of my attic. It was money well spent,,,thanks
PRO - Pest repellers will get rid of mice
I have read studies from several universities on these type of units. In general they will not drive off established mice concentrations, but are effective in keeping mice from becoming established. I have experienced the same result. Every winter I trap at least 5 mice in my garage. Last fall I installed one of these and I have not had any mice. 

PRO -- No more roaches
I had a severe Roach problem. Every day I would end up killing 8-10 Roaches and I was throwing away food constantly. I tried baits and sprays, but nothing helped, infact I think I was just feeding them. One day I went to plug in my vacuum cleaner and when I pulled the plug in air freshener out of the wall socket a Roach fell out from behind it. I quickly tried to smash the Roach with the air freshener before it escaped and when I slammed the air freshener on top of the roach, another fell out of it, then there were two roaches so I tried to get them both, then a third fell out of the air freshener. It was at that moment I went online looking for a miracle solution. I came across these Electronic Pest Repeller units, so I purchased one, when it arrived I plugged it in and after a few days I didn't see a single Roach for 2 months then I saw one small roach and there hasn't been any since. Thank you so much for providing such a great product, I tell everyone about it and they all want to use electronic Pest repeller 

PRO--No more rodents
You people Rock!!! Your Electronic Pest Repeller Product really Rocks!!! The Pests got Rocked and I am happy to not deal with those little guys (rodents) any longer!!! Thank You very much." 
PRO - Keeping bugs away
"I have used Commercial Pest Control services in the past. I hated spending the money every month to kill my bugs, some of those services charge three, four, five hundred dollars a year, that is alot of money. Your Electronic Pest Repellers work! I have two electronic pest repellers and they have saved me alot of money. Also these electronic pest repellers seem to be doing a much better job than what I have tried to do on my own and even better than my old Pest Control service." 

PRO --Only Saw A Couple Of Roaches
I think they work for some pests and not others. For one, I have not had any roach problem since my moving into my current house 10 years ago, and this without using any professional pest control service. I used to spray around the outside of the house occasionally with stuff bought from the local hardware store. I found the spray only works for a couple of weeks or so, and pretty have given up on it. I think I saw a roach in the house only a couple of times over the years. That's a lot better than the experiences of my coworkers who use professional pest control services. And believe me, with a small child the house can get real messy real quick. 

PRO --No roaches
Maybe some of these devices work and some don't. There's no way to tell for sure. There's no definitive consumer test or study or review that I know of, and I've looked. For all I know some of these devices really do... nothing. The bottom line is, I have no roaches in my sometimes very messy house, and I don't use any indoor pesticide. For only a few bucks (compared to professional service), that sounds like a great deal to me. 

PRO --No more pest problems
"I was so tired of using Poisons that weren't really working. I was also very concerned about the toxic chemicals I was using. I didn't feel it was safe to use Toxic Chemicals, especially in my home, so it caused me a little stress. When I purchased your Electronic Pest Repeller Control products, I wasn't sure if they would work. Well I have to tell you, I can not believe how wonderfully it is working. My Pest problems are over. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!" 

CON --  No Results
Two weeks after using these plugins I still had the same problem. I called customer service, and they told me I should give it another week, because I may have had a "massive infestation". So, I gave it another week, still no results.

CON - Mouse sitting on the repeller
The kicker with the repeller plugin, what made me upset was the afternoon I walked into the kitchen and saw a little field mouse sitting atop the device! I could have had a cow right then and there. At this point it was evident that I had gotten taken and taken good.

CON - Ant bait works better
They do not work on crickets or ants. There's a lot of crickets where I live, and they jump right in when you open the door, so I doubt there's much anything you can do about it unless you hose down the house with pesticide or something. I'm more concerned with roaches, can live with the occasional cricket or two. For ants, a box of ant baits seems to do the trick for me. 

bad pest repeller.jpg

Con - Plug-In Repellers Won't Stop Fleas
Bought 4 of them to get rid of my flea infestation. They didn't help at all and only seem to make the problem worse. Took them back to the store and exchanged them for flea traps. The traps took care of most of the fleas in a hurry. Plug-ins were a big waste of time and money.

CON -- Fogger and glue traps work better
I do not suggest using this device; it simply does not work as indicated. I still had ants, mice, earwigs, and beetles. I ended up buying a fogger for the insects and glue traps for the mice which took care of all my needs at a fraction of the cost of ONE of the repeler plugins.

CON - Rodent droppings on the pest repeller
I have bought quite a few of these devices, from various manufacturers, over a number of years. I have a small child and wanted to avoid using pesticides if at all possible. The results have not been very good. I have not seen any ants or roaches in my home, but I have a pretty bad infestation of mice. I have even seen mouse dropping on the top of one of the repellers.