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Home Remedy to remove dead mouse or animal odor, pet odors or cigarette smoke in your home,
1. Place one pound of un-brewed ground coffee in a flat pan in the area where the smell is the strongest.
2. Place out a bag of charcoal in a bucket to absorb odors.
3. Place out containers of vinegar.
4. To remove odors such as skunk spray or dog or cat feces and urine, dump kitty litter directly onto the stain.
5. Keep your dog smelling fresh and odor free by wiping him down with snuggles or bounty dryer sheets. Also helps to repel insects and bees.
When your pet is sprayed BY A SKUNK, the quicker you take action, the more completely you can remove the odor. Wash your pet with tomato juice, Massengil douch, or diluted vinegar to counteract the chemical makeup of the skunk spray OR Mix one part 3% peroxide,1/4 cupaking soda,1 teaspoon liquid soap,and then rinse off with tap water. Skunk Off and similar preparations containing neutroleum alpha, available from some pet stores, are effective.

Odor Problems

Cat Spray on Porch

I am emailing you to ask for help with a cat problem I am having. We have a female cat which is an indoors cat that never goes out of the house.She is not spayed.Every night we are awakened by the sound of whining and crying  cats out on our back porch. I believe these are just stray male cats that know when our cat is in heat. It's not the whinning and crying of the cats that bothers us, its the cat spray smell the cats leave behind. Do you know of anything that will remedy our cat problem,,,Thankyou very much.

I would highly recommend having your cat spayed.

Dead mouse stink

Recently we had our house exterminated for mice. The exterminator used bait pellets. We now have a terrible stink in our kitchen. We are pretty sure it is a dead mouse.What can we do to get rid of this bad smell and what can we do in the future to eliminate mice without using rodent bait.

The first thing you should do is try and locate the dead rodent. Under your fridge is a water collection tray that collects water when you defrost. I find them there quite often. A home remedy to rid your kitchen of the mouse odor is to place out a platter or pie tin of about 1 or 2 lbs. of un-brewed coffee. Place it in the area where the smell is strongest. It will help to absorb the bad odor. In the future you should use a ketch-all trap. They can trap up to twenty mice in one setting, and are a very humane way to eliminate mice.

Odor Control Remedy
I know that the baking soda people advertise that if you leave an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator, the odors will go into the box by themselves. I think you would need a fan. I've found that if you fill a refrigerator with crumpled newspapers, the odors will be quickly absorbed, because they do not need to find their way to a small area.

Poop Smell
Hi, I have a house that I rent out and the people that lived there had 2
dogs and let them poop in the basement and now they have moved out and
it really smells bad in the whole house...
Can you help me out and tell me how I can get rid of this terrible
We now want to sell the house so we need to get this smell out as fast as we can...thanks
Hi, thanks for your question
One of the best products you can use to remove poop odors and stains is Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover