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Homemade Humane Mouse Trap

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Home-Made Humane Mouse Trap

Lightly coat a large bucket with vegetable oil. Place the bucket next to table, work bench or chair. Balance a pvc or paper towel tube on the edge of the table directly over the bucket. Place a small dab of peanut butter inside the end of the tube that is hanging over the bucket. The mouse will enter the tube to get the peanut butter, the tube will tip and fall into the bucket ( see diagram below). The mouse will not be able to get out of the bucket because of the vegetable oil on his feet. Be sure to relocate mice about five miles away from your home. Other humane methods can be used such as store bought ketch-all traps and repellents. I have used shake away rodent repellent with very good results in some cases.

bucket trap.jpg
Humane Bucket Trap

Another design for a home-made trap
We followed your directions on how to make a mousetrap as you show in the diagram above and actually caught quite a few mice the first week. We really had to get rid of these mice fast because my parents were coming to spend a couple weeks with us and my mother is really scared of mice. The second week we had problems with the tube falling off the table and onto the floor and the peanut butter would be eaten. I think these pesky little rodents had figured the trap out. We decided to make some changes in the design of the trap. Instead of using the pvc tube we replaced it with a small board or slat about 2 inches wide and 18 inches long, with a dab of peanut butter placed on the end of the board that would hang over the bucket. We used vegetable oil to coat the bucket because we believed the mice might be attracted to it. We caught around 10 more mice using the board method. Maybe we should get a patent on it.

What Do Mouse Droppings Look Like?

(left) mouse droppings - (right) rat droppings

Warning-- Mouse droppings or feces can be toxic and has been known to cause Hantavirus. If you have large amounts, hire a professional to clean them up.
Using Mouse Bait
If you decide to use bait to get rid of your mice be sure to place it in a bait lock box or place it where pets can't get into it. More than ten thousand dogs and cats die each year from rodent bait poisoning. You may want to try a repellent before trapping or baiting. You also take the chance of having a mouse die in your walls which will produce a bad smell that may linger for weeks.

mouse bait box.jpg
Mouse bait box placed next to drain pipe

Mice No Longer Going in Traps. 
We have field mice in our home....we have used the catch and release traps and this winter caught and released 14 mice (we released them very far from our house - near a horse barn on a nearby farm - where the barn cats can control them) now we still see signs of them...but the traps aren't working anymore...what do we do now? 

Moving the traps around to different locations in your house might help. Also try baiting your mouse traps with a few chunks of dry dog food. 

Mice Invasion In New York State
We recently moved into a very old farmhouse in upstate New York. Before we moved in we had an exterminating company treat the house for mice. I think they used bait because the house reeks of dead mouse odor. In the past week we have seen at least 25 mice in our basement and attic. My wife has told me she is moving out if I dont stop this mice invasion. Could you recommend a product that we can use that wont cause the rodents to die, and that will get rid of them in a hurry,,, Please help!!! 

 I recommend using Ketch All Mousetraps . They can catch up to twenty mice in one setting and are very humane since they do not kill them. Be sure and release them 3 or 4 miles from your home