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Fruit Flies

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Exterminate Fruit Flies

1. The first thing that must be done is to find the source of the flies and get rid of it. It could be any type of fruits or even fruit juices you may be storing. I once found a bag of old rotting potatoes in the basement that was causing the fruit fly problem. Even garbage cans or dumpsters placed to closely to your house can be the source of the problem. It's even possible that rotting fruits and vegetables in your garden or fruit trees may be the source.

2. After you have found and thrown out the cause of these pesky flies, putting Fruit Fly Traps around the areas where you are seeing them should exterminate the remainder of them. You should be able to buy these traps in your local hardware store. If they are not available a homemade trap should work.

3.Spraying should only be done as a last resort but If you decide to spray with an aerosol be sure and cover food and dishes. Follow the directions on the spray you are using carefully and wipe kitchen counters clean when you are done.

Fruit Fly

homemade fruit fly trap.jpg

Homemade Fruit Fly Trap -- Put fruit or fruit juice (rotting fruit works best) in a jar with  small holes in the lid, slightly larger than the fruit flies. They can get in but not out.
Or cut three or four inches off the top of a empty plastic pop bottle. Turn the top part that you cut off upside down and place back on bottle. Put 2 or 3 fresh banana peels in the bottle (see diagram on bottom right).
Fruit fly traps can also be purchased in most farm and country or hardware stores.

fruit fly bottle trap.jpg

Picture above of a homemade fruit fly bottle trap. This trap is very simple to make and will catch other insects such as flies and wasps depending on the bait you use.

What does a fruit fly look like.
What color is it? If its light brown it is probably a fruit fly or phorid fly.  Does it have red eyes? If so it's a fruit fly.
Do fruit flies bite
No, they are harmless to humans and are only a nuisance to have around the living areas of your house.

What can cause fruit flies? 
I don't even have any fruit in my home?
You don't need fruit to have fruit flies in your home. All you need is rotting organic matter that remains wet or moist. And most likely that's going to mean drains--sinks,  showers, etc. In particular, fruit flies tend to breed in slow-moving or seldom-used drains in which a layer of slime has built up. But other good fly breeding spots in your house might include wet areas under dripping pipes, garbage containers, and discarded bottles and cans. I have seen cases where the homeowners have had fruit trees close to their home and the rotten fruit that had fallen from the trees onto the ground was causing an infestation inside their house. Be sure all window and door screens are sealed tight. And keep all rotted fruit in your yard picked up.


Fruit Flies Infested My Office
Just wanted to let your readers know how we got rid of fruit flies that had infested our office. Shortly after we started noticing them I called an exterminator friend of mine. He suggested that we check all the trash cans in and around the office for rotted fruit such as apple cores or banana peels. Bingo!! he was exactly right. The garbage can in our break room had 5 or 6 rotting banana peels. House-keeping came up and disposed of it and said they would start dumping the garbage in the break room every day. I placed three fruit flytraps in the office which took care of the remaining flies.