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Flea Bite Remedy

Rubbing vicks vapor rub or preparation H gel on flea bites is said to soothe,heal, and prevent further flea bites on humans. You can also rub a thin coating of vicks on your socks to keep fleas away. Be sure and pull your socks up over your pants. Allergic reactions to flea bites can be treated with benedryl.

Apinol (pine oil) can be used to relieve the itching caused from flea bites. Also works well as a repellent. 

Home remedy to kill fleas in your carpet -- Sprinkle Mule team Borax laundry detergent onto your carpets and sweep in with a broom. Let set for two days and then vacumm up. Please use caution, borax can be slightly toxic to small children if ingested. Borax also works great for getting rid of ants and other bugs in your house.

Finding Fleas Under Babies Skin

Thanks for providing such an interesting and informative site!
Here is our problem. We had two dogs until about 3 months ago, and since they've gone, we have become human buffets for the left-behind fleas. We are treating and treating, and we will get relief for a bit, but then the "new hatches" come to life, and we're right back where we started. We hope to eventually break the cycle and be flea-free.
In the meantime, I am considering trying out a Flea trap. We need some relief from the BITES while we get this problem under control. Tonight, I was bathing my 2 year old son, and discovered a flea burrowed deep into the skin on his back. My husband and I picked and picked at it with tweezers and fingernails, and still have not been able to remove the flea from his skin. The baby is exhausted from screaming, so we are going to have to try after he goes to sleep. This is not the first time this has happened, so I am wondering if you offer, or can recommend a product or home remedy to force a flea to back out of human skin? Any advice or info would be MUCH appreciated, as I am scared to death that these flea bites may make him sick.
Thank You so much,
finding fleas under babies skin
Hi, thanks for your question.
It is unusual for a dog or cat flea to burrow under the skin of a human, although its a common occurance with sand fleas or jiggers . This is the first time I have heard of it happening.You can remove the flea using a sterile needle to widen the cavity and poke out the flea. Once this has been done it is important to keep the area clean and dressed to avoid  infection. You may want to have a doctor check it out. Heavy flea infestations can be difficult to get rid of, but using first defense all natural flea treatment and a flea trap should help speed up the process.


  • This wonderful miracle first aid antiseptic/pain reliever has the natural healing power of pine oil.
  • Provides FAST soothing relief of insect bites, bee stings, cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and any skin laceration
  • Takes the itch out of mosquito bites AND it acts as a repellant for most insects (including mosquitoes) .
  • Stops irritation and causes no burn or sting when applied to minor open wounds (Please see a medical professional for deep puncture wounds or lacerations!)
  • 8 oz bottle