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Nope, You Don't Need An Exterminator

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As an exterminator who deals in the control of insects and other trouble making pests I am probably not qualified to give you very much info  about dust mites, but I will tell you what I know about these parasites. They can cause allergic reactions in many of us humans. A question I commonly get about dust mites is " something is biting me, I must have dust mites in my house".  The answer is no. Dust mites are very small and can't be seen with the naked eye. They do not bite you and you don't need an exterminator.  Dust mites do cause allergies in many people. These are the mites that live on house dust. It is the droppings of the dust mite that can cause breathing problems in many people. Their droppings are light enough to float in the air, so they are easily breathed in. There can be thousands of dust mites on one flake of dust. Much of these dust mite feces enters your into your lungs every time you take a breath.
Your indoor environment is especially vulnerable to dust mites if you live in a humid area, or if your home is subject to humid conditions for whatever other reason. Humid environments create the ideal habitation for dust mites, primarily since they result in a greater food supply for dust mites. Dust will eat plant materials, molds, and fungi, with their favorite being dead human skin particles.

What you see in a ray of sunlight coming through your window is not all dust, much of it is flakes dead human skin which dust mites feed on. The best way to avoid dust mites are to use mattress covers on your bedding and to vacuum and damp dust regularly

Most of the dust mites in your house live in your mattress. Put an airtight plastic or polyurethane cover over your mattress. Wash your sheets and blankets in very hot water every two weeks. Wash your pillow every week or put a plastic cover on it. (The pillowcase goes over the plastic cover.)

Dust mite feces, can last for many years on your mattress bed and may cause symptoms for many years.

Dust mite allergy is an allergy to a microscopic organism that lives in the dust that is found in all dwellings and workplaces. Dust mites are perhaps the most common cause of perennial allergic rhinitis. They usually produces symptoms similar to pollen allergy and also can produce symptoms of asthma.


Cleanliness - Get Rid Of Your Dust

1. Because dust mites like warm, humid places, keeping the humidity low by using a dehumidifier and running your air conditioner makes a difference.

2. Washing in hot water will also kill dust mites.

3. Dust mites in the air can be reduced by using a good air purifier.

4. Using mattress covers will help to keep their allergen away from you while you are sleeping.

5. Cleaning and dusting with a good dust mite spray will also make a big difference.

6. Steam cleaning will also kill them.

Dust Mite Spray


Dustmites making me itch
I was reading the information on your website about dust mites..and was HOPING you can help!!!
I have been to my primary care doctor who has referred me to a dermatologist, etc...who ALL say "I SEE NOTHING" Problem: I am a carrier of some kind of parasite... itchy nose (as if something is crawling inside) as well as scalp itching and feelings of parasites landing on my skin... When I around others, anywhere, anytime...they itch their me..sounds silly...I live in MA and have traveled all over the world and the problem follow me everywhere I go...after reading about dust mites...I have a feeling I am carrying them around... STRANGE? I THINK NOT... I have been living like this for years now and enough is enough!!! Do you have info about this PROBLEM??? If so, please pass it on!!!
I am ready to rid myself/home of these parasite once and for all!!!!! I have lost all my friends because of these dust mites. 
THANKS, dustmites making me itch. I have received calls in the past of people complaining of your symtoms. In all cases but one it turned out to be allergies.Dust mites do not bite but their droppings can cause allergies in many people. In one case a customer who thought he had some kind of parasite with your symtoms of itching, turned out it was being caused by fiberglass insulation particles that were in the air in his home. He had fiber glass insulation covering his furnace heating ducts. My advice would be to see an allergist if you have not already done so.Try using a good air purifier for your home, it MAY help.