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Carpenter Bee Picture
1. Spray hole in the evening or at night with wasp and hornet spray, carpenter bee spray
or puff boric acid powder into their holes. I recommend boric acid because it will also kill the carpenter bee larva when they hatch.
2. Wait at least 24 hours and caulk hole or plug with wood putty or aluminum foil

Are there any home remedies, or perhaps a carpenter bee trap that can be used to eliminate these bees?
Answer: Until recently only toxic insecticides were available to use in the battle against carpenter bees, which are sometimes called wood bees or borer bees, but now there is a non- toxic trap that has shown to work time after time. Just place the trap in areas where you see most of the bee activity.  If traps don't produce good results after a couple of days, move them to a different location.

Bees N Things Carpenter Bee Trap

What do carpenter bees look like?
Answer: They look much like bumble bees.
Females - Black face
Males - Yellow face
Abdomen - Shinny black

Do carpenter bees sting?
Females - Will only sting when handled or highly agitated. The sting is very painful.
Males - Do not sting but will hover around you in hopes of chasing you away from the nest.

Carpenter bees do about 1.5 billions dollars worth of damage in the United States each year
The 5/8 inch round hole that these bees drill contain chambers that have been known to extend up to twelve feet. These tunnels are made up of many different cells in which the female bees store their eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch into larvae that will chew their way out of the cells or chambers and become adult carpenter bees. These newly hatched bees will most likely return to the same nesting area and cause more hole drilling damage.
This is the reason why puffing in boric acid is recommended. The larvae will ingest the boric acid powder which will cause them to dehydrate and die.
Carpenter bee damage to facia board pictured below. Yellow stains may be seen on the siding just below their holes.


Woodpeckers can also cause major damage by pecking at your siding and overhangs, trying to feed on the carpenter bee larva which are one of the woodpeckers favorite foods.
Control - I live in a cedar home. How do I protect my wood from any further carpenter bee damage?
Make sure all wood is treated or painted since they prefer bare wood, although they will sometimes infest painted wood.
Placing carpenter bee traps around the exterior of your home and having your house sprayed in the spring and fall will get rid of them. Traps will protect your home from 2 to 5 years.
Keep barn, garage and all out-building doors closed.


Carpenter bee questions
Getting Rid of Bees
I read  that all I need to do to get rid of them is to caulk their holes and they will not try to chew their way back out. It also said not to worry about carpenter bees because they don't do much damage.

That information is completely wrong. I have done hundreds of carpenter bee jobs and yes, they will push or chew their way back out threw the caulk. A good residual insecticide preferably a dust should be puffed into their holes and be left for one or two days so the adult bees, or newly hatched will pass through the insecticide.They can also do severe damage to your soffits and overhangs if left untreated.

Wood Bee Damage in Cabin Overhangs
Its almost spring and the wood bees will soon be invading my house. We live in a log cabin which these wood bees seem to be attracted too. Our overhangs are full of their holes and tunnels.Is there anything we can do to prepare or prevent their return and prevent any more damage. We have two small grandchildren that visit our home in the summer and I am worried they might get stung. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Wood bees in log cabin overhangs
It is rare for wood bees or carpenter bees to sting. The male does not sting and the female only will when highly agitated. When the weather warms up this spring, following the 2 steps at the top of this page should eliminate your carpenter bee problem. Thanks for your question

Carpenter Bees Attacking the Mailman
Hello, will you please help me to cheaply get rid of what i think are bees. They are out front towards the top of the eaves of the house. There are at least 2 at a time that will actually attack you. Its the dardest thing I ever saw. The mailman wont deliver mail, the newspaper boy is scared and these things are very aggressive. However, I cant pinpoint where they are cause you cant stay out front long enough to find out!! People and I have almost come to joke bout it, but its really not funny, i cant go out front and put flowers or nothing out front. They actually attack ya when you come in the driveway. Is there a homemade solution that a woman could try or a bug spray? thanks for your help. Diane in Oklahoma.

Its hard for me to determine the best way for you to get rid of these bees without seeing what kind of bees they are. Carpenter bees sometimes act in this manner but rarely will they sting. They sometimes will chase and hover around you to keep you away from their nesting area. They are large black fuzzy bees that usually nest in the wood overhangs of your house. They drill 1/4 - 1/2 inch holes in the wood and will nest and lay eggs in these holes. With any bees you must first locate the nest and spray directly into the nest. Most any kind of wasp and hornet spray will kill them. The spray that shoots out of stream of insecticide about 20 feet is probably the best for you to use and can be purchased in most hardware stores. Be sure and spray in the late evening when they are not as active and caulk the hole the next day.

Carpenter Bee Repeller
Is there anything I can hang or put on my deck to repel carpenter bees from fliyng around the area? Like something they don't like to smell.Maybe some sort of plant or something.I cant find were they are going to live.

ANSWER: repel carpenter bees
I have tried just about everything to get rid of carpenter bees (traps, repellents,etc.). The only thing that seems to work is locating their nesting hole, spraying into it with bee and wasp spray in the evening when they are in it, puffing in boric acid or drione dust to kill the young when they hatch out, and then caulking the hole. The only good news is that the males dont sting and the females only sting when highly aggitated. Wish I could be of more help.