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Boric Acid Bait Recipe To Kill Ants And Roaches

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Boric Acid Bait To Kill Ants And Roaches

These Homemade Baits are offered as Suggestions For Homeowners

About a 5% rate of boric acid works best for roaches and a 2% rate for ants. 
Boric Acid Bait Recipe to Kill Ants -- Mix 12oz Karo's Clear Syrup With 1 Teaspoon Of Borax or Boric Acid Powder. Put Mixture In A Empty Squeeze Mustard Bottle.Put Drops Of Mixture In Areas Where Ants Travel-OR-Mix 12oz of apple jelly with 1 Teaspoon of Boric Acid. The bait will be carried back to the nest and shared with the rest of the colony and all will die. Boric Acid Powder Can Be Found at Most Drug Stores In The Foot Care Section..

If this recipe does not work try adding 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Keep out of reach of children and pets


Boric Acid Bait For Roaches:
 Mix One teaspoon of Boric Acid With 1/4 Cup Of Brown Surgar or Cocoa And 1/4 Cup Of Flour. Use Caution,Boric Acid Is Slightly Toxic.

How toxic is boric acid?
The toxicity of pesticides and substances are measured by the LD50 (lethal dose 50). The higher the LD50 number,the lower the toxicity. The boric acid LD50 number is quite high which means it is relatively safe.
1. Aspirin--LD50--1000
2. Boric Acid--LD50--2660
3. Table Salt-- LD50--3000

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