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Home remedy to get rid of ants. Place mint leaves or perhaps a bouquet of flowers with mint mixed in on your kitchen counter, cupboards, or anyplace you are seeing ants. The smell of mint is irritating to ants and they will avoid the area. Mint can usually be found growing in the shaded areas of a creek bank.

Dear Getting rid of pests, I just wanted to share with you a good home remedy to get rid of ants. My grandmother told me that she has always used this to keep ants off her kitchen counter and out of her cupboards.Mix 50% water with 50% vinager in a spray bottle and use it to clean your counters and cupboards. Works great! My neighbor had an infestation of little black ants in the mulch he has around his house and used this solution  to spray his mulch. The ants vanished in one day. Thanks for your website.