How to get rid of pests inside and outside of your house

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How to Get Rid of Pests Inside and Outside of Your House

How to get rid of pests inside and outside of your house is a website put together by a retired exterminator who worked for his dads exterminating company, and who has enjoyed helping you solve your pest control problems online since 2004. You may want to check out the sitemap above for a list of all pests 

"Getting rid of pests inside and outside of your home" is not affiliated with any professional pest control firms.

I recommend that you contact a professional pest control company when dealing with wood infesting insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. The damage they do can often be severe

Carpenter Ant


comments from our readers

Thanks for so much info on safe and effective ways of bug control.
I've learned more about effective countermeasures against Bugs on your website than anywhere on the net; specifically helpful in this regard was the introduction to the safe benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and Boric Acid! As Box Elder Bugs and others have definitely come to plague our area in Michigan, Ive been using soapy water (works best after they've come out of their winter thaw) to kill them with a good deal of success. Along with that, Ill be getting rid of the only female Box Elder Tree I have on the lot, which I hope will decrease the number of bugs around the property.

Searched the internet looking for ways to get rid of fleas in my house. Found lots of fly by night sites that have been put together by people who have nothing to do with the pest control industry and have no experience getting rid of fleas. I think they are recommending products that they have never actually used. I found your site, and read that using an IGR is necessary to get rid of a flea infestation, so I did. After eight weeks of fighting fleas they are gone, thanks to your professional suggestions.  I will be sure to return to your site if I have any future pest control problems

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks. Your web site is so informative. We are dealing with pincher bugs, silverfish and many more insects in the apartments we own to say the least. I appreciate your time in listing so much useful information. I am very impressed with your suggestions on how to repel pests safely and naturally. Using diatomaceous earth did the trick. We have not had any complaints about pincher bugs, earwigs, or silverfish in the past six months.
It's great to have found a credible pest control site, put together by someone who knows what he's talking about.

Love your website, lots of great information.  Your humane rat trap was cool.  Love the information on Diatomaceous Earth and Snakes, etc.

 Little Brown Bat
Little Brown Bat

Box Elder Bug With Stripes

 Box Elder Bug 

comments from our readers

Hello, Found your website looking for information on the Cicada Killer Wasp (boy - are those large...killed one today munching on a cicada!) and just wanted to tell you I truly appreciate your information, construction of your site and information you have. We are in Michigan and - of course - I thought I would let you know how informative it is. There is so much useful information here. Going back now to see what I can find on the paper wasp which we here are having a large problem with. Thanks again!! 

My dog kennels were infested with fleas. I now sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the floors as you suggested. No more fleas. Thanks!!!

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for this website. You give the perfect amount of information in an easy to find way.

My 5 year old son was stung on the lip by a bee this morning. Went to your website and learned that ice works great on stings to the eye, lip and face. Worked great! No tears, swelling or pain.Thanks for your help.

Had thousands of very tiny black ants in the cracks of the cement that surrounds my in-ground swimming pool. Took your advice and put non toxic diatomaceous earth in the cracks of the cement. Two days later, no ants.

Getting rid of squirrels humanely
Really enjoyed the video you made of "How To Get Rid Of Squirrels". My hubby sealed up the hole on our roof with heavy duty wire screen and wrapped tin sheeting around the base of the squirrels tree as you did in your video,,,no more squirrel.  Hope you get a chance to make more videos in the future.

pretty ladybug
Asian Lady Beetle Pinching Finger

Pest control remedies, extermination methods, and do it yourself products on this site are offered as suggestions only. 

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